Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bright Morning - Wordpress Theme

After years of blogging in WP and years of trying to create my own layout, I finally made one.

Wordpress theme, for me, is the hardest. It could be because I'm still having difficulty understanding PHP. But I'm still trying and hopefully I'll get to the point where I can build my own template with all the add-ons in there. For now, this will do :)

I was actually planning to create a pink WP layout. But I changed my mind after realizing that my first multiply and blogger layouts are all pink. *lol*

Wanna see it live? Check Realm of a Dreamer. And once again, I'd appreciate any feedback/suggestions. :)


  1. That is probably one of the things I wanted to do in blogging - creating my own theme. I like the color and the flower icon. Very nice!

  2. Good for you sis kasi techy ka which s the contrary of me lol, ala akong katalent talent sa ganyan..