Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My First 'Successful' Multiply Layout

If you remember, I posted about how a website template is important in attracting customers to your online shop. Yesterday I spent the whole day designing layout for our multiply site. This is our online store's account and I'm really hoping to get more visitors so I'm revamping it again. Since I'm going to be busy in the coming weeks (or months), my brother and I agreed that he handle all business transactions while I handle the site's maintenance.

It wasn't my first time to "try" but it's the first time I finished it. If I'm having a hard time customizing an HTML layout, CSS is worse for me. So I would really appreciate any feedbacks/suggestions. (But please no trolling :P )

The left side Menu Bar is floating (just like that twitter icon at the lower side of this page)and its pink (because I love pink). But other than that, it's just your typical customized Avlack theme. So what do you think?

1. Select Avlack as base theme
2. Copy and paste the CSS code below to the CSS page of your setting page



  1. Wow! I've always wanted to edit skins/themes in css/html. tried to learn it too but always get sidetracked.

  2. ang cute sis.. i like it cos it's pink.. cheers! visiting you here from gt :)

  3. I forgot to say: It's so cute! And it's so pink! Do you make all those ladies in the header by free hand? Galing!

  4. @Mrs Kolca: thanks for dropping by sis...

    @Carol: I got the header pic from fotolia.com. I don't know how to create one from scratch :D

  5. The site is cute- more feminine look. I'm trying also to edit my multiply website but I don't sell products. lol. it's for personal use only but later on I will use it for business if i got the nerve. hehehe.
    learning html and css is cool and challenging. i love designing but i am a rookie in web.

    just dropping by from GT.