Monday, January 10, 2011

Friendship Cafe - Digital Scrapbook

Few days ago, I decided I want a coffee shop themed blogger template for this site. However, just when I was about to finish, the result I saw just didn't seem good enough.

That was not the first time it happened. Usually, it takes more than two attempts before I finish something which eventually ends up to be something really simple just because I'm frustrated and wants to see some results. Yesterday morning, I chanced upon a digital scrapbook thread in GirlTalk which led me to different digiscrapping websites. Few hours and several websites later...
L-R: Ian, Ivy and Me
Except for the picture, I made all of these from scratch. Good thing I have Illy. At least next time I lose a button or need a cup of coffee, I can just get it from my symbols library *lol*. I had fun I didn't realize it's already 5 in the morning. *yawn* Who knows? I might just end up doing more digital scrapbooking than making website templates :)


  1. it's cute. i also tried digital scrapbooking before but haven't pursue it.. tinamad na kasi ako. I'm mochafrap from GT. have a nice day! :)

  2. btw, followed you sis. hope you can visit and follow my blog too. thanks! :)

  3. First time to hear about digital scrapbooking. Hope to try it in the future for fun lang :)

  4. Now I see your face sis. :)

    Never tried this one and also my first time to hear about it. But it's nice.