Friday, June 4, 2010

Badge & Layout and a help from a friend

I've been trying to make badges for my sites for days now but it seems like the badges I made aren't good enough. I don't want my badge to look like my website's header because first, I just borrowed the layout (it's a free template), second I don't want to be stuck with the same template for a long time.

In blogging, one thing a blogger must consider in order to make your friends' visit to your website a pleasant one is by putting up a good layout. But it also helps if your badge is something catchy and can attract visitors especially if you’re one of those who frequently advertise their blogs.

Thankfully though, Sam of A Mom’s Life and Love, directed me to Fotolia which has a good number of collection of pictures. I’m guessing that’s where she got that cute tsinay girl in her The Tsinay Writes blog. If you check her other blog, WAHMy Sammy, she actually made a good job in creating its layouts While you’re at it, why not visit Fabulicious Diva too and find out what makes her blogs stand out.

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