Monday, November 15, 2010

The Peregrinator will start all over again...

I remember few months back, I was lost. I was totally out of focus until the first day of classes. Everything I saw around me while I was on my way to school and even the students when I got there made me realize that just when I thought I've finally found my old self, I was wrong. There are still so many part of me that I need to find. I am after all still a wanderer.

So yes, this blog will turn from traveling around to traveling back and within... Because that's what I want to do. To get in touch with those who touched my life and to give back to the society that molded me. Who I am doesn't matter anymore but what's important is who are those people and what are the things that made me become ME - The Peregrinator.


  1. I needed to look up the word peregrinator... this is the first time I've came across this word. Heheh! Good luck on your journey.

  2. Goodluck. Life is a journey to be enjoyed. =)