Sunday, December 5, 2010

domain without 'www' is not redirected to domain with 'www'

I remember when I purchased my domain names from GoDaddy, I got help from a friend/blogger in updating the name servers so that my naked domain (domain without "www") will still be redirect to my non-naked domain (domain with "www").
This morning, when I typed in the naked domain of Fashion and Beauty Craze, I was redirected to GoDaddy temporary page. I don't know what happened or if there was some update I wasn't aware of but one thing I'm sure, my settings in Blogger already shows a check on the option "Redirect to". So I did what I'm good at: trial and error and a lot of prayers that I will still be able to access my website after this experiment. I checked on Blogger Help and found out that some bloggers/website owners experienced the same thing. Unfortunately, the solutions given and technical terms used are just too complicated for me. Good thing, GoDaddy is a user friendly site. So this is what I did:
1. I logged in to my GoDaddy account.
2. Then under the list of my domain names, I looked for and clicked on "Advanced Details".
3. On that details page, under Domain Information, I saw "Forwarding: Off" so I clicked on "Manage". A small window came up showing this:
4. I typed in on the box, made sure the option "Update my DNS settings to support this change" is checked and clicked on OK.
5. It finally worked. Now my naked domain is showing the correct page.

I did the same steps to all other domains I got from GoDaddy(The Peregrinator, MFI, and LnR). Fortunately, I didn't have any problem with LAMMO or ECF (which I got from Google directly) and ROAD which I got from Nokiahost.


  1. thanks for the info sis. i didn't know you can configure the redirect via the domain registrar (or are you also hosting the blog in GoDaddy?). i do it kasi via the htaccess file. ma-try nga sa namecheap. :)

  2. nope. Hindi sya nakahost sa GoDaddy sis... Actually tinry ko lang din kanina if it would work and it did :)

  3. so sis, mas okay kaya kung direct sa Google na ako bili ng domain? ang shunga ko kasi sa mga technical terms, gusto ko yun instant okay na:)

  4. ^sis, if it's for the same price, then I'd suggest Google na lang. But if you can get a domain for less than $2, for me, pagtitiisan ko ayusin yung domain. It's not that difficult naman sis. And it only affects the naked domain.