Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Mayhem's "The annoyances of the season"

Join Us for Monday Mayhem

1. What annoys you about the holiday music?
2. What annoys you the most about holiday shopping?
~people who think they have the right to push you just because they're in a hurry
3. Tell us about someone you know who is annoying you right now.
~I just woke up (good morning!) and I hope no one will
4. What is annoying you online this week?
~when I couldn't find what I was looking for in Google :P
5. Is there something that people say or do this time of year that annoys you?
~hhmmm, I can't think of any right now
6. What is the most annoying behavior anyone can have this time of year?
~act like a brat
7. What is more annoying when you are shopping- screaming kids or people who cut you off in the stores or at the mall?
~people who cut you off in the stores. I love kids even those screaming ones :P
8. What is the one thing that does not annoy you this holiday season?
~people you don't know just nods and smiles at you :P


  1. I think the only annoying thing about this season is the heavy traffic. Besides that, everything is just perfect :) kahit nga walang pang shopping, happy na happy ako heheh :) happy Christmas!

  2. buti nalang andito ako sa Davao. Merong traffic but not as bad as dyan sa Manila :D

  3. I hate when people behave that way because they are in a hurry.

    Thanks for playing. Have a great week!