Friday, May 20, 2011

May 28 Events for Bloggers

Yep! You read it right... There will be different events from Luzon to Visayas to Mindanao. They are hosted by different companies but they will be hosted on the same day. So you can choose to join the event near your place.

Nuffnang Philippines will be holding the first Nuffamily Day at Crosswind, Tagaytay and promised "an afternoon full of fun, prizes and lots of lanterns up in the air"(-Nuffnang Blog). For more information and to register, you can visit their blog at or view their post about Lifting lanterns this Nuffamily Day!

A team of bloggers and social media networking users will be hosting the Cebu Blog Camp 2011 at Sacred Heart Center, Cebu City. "The Cebu Blog Camp is a whole day event where bloggers, interact, network and learn." (-CBC Website). For more information and to register, please visit their website at

Jollibee invited Davao bloggers to cover Jollibee's Kids Scout Event at NCCC Mall Activity Area. Although there's only a limited slot available, feel free to drop by and witness the Kids Scout's graduation day.

If you know of any bloggers' event on this day, please let us know. :)


  1. I wish to join the Nuffamily Day. See u there? :)

  2. I hope I can join bloggers' events in the future. I'm still new to blogging but I hope to meet new friends by joining these events. ;)

  3. @Mrs. Kolca: I can't join Nuffamily Day :D

    @Cha: Okay lang yan sis kahit bago ka palang... :)

  4. tagged you in an award =)