Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My First Flash Experience

I've been trying my hand at Adobe CS5 but have been avoiding Flash. I just thought it was too complicated for me. Yesterday, I decided to give it a try and although I'm already half way through a very simple website [minus the content], it drained me of all my reserved energy and I ended up sleeping on the couch (too tired to move to my room) *lol*

I couldn't figure out [nor do I have the strength to look for the answers] on how to embed it here. In case it doesn't show up in your end and you want to check it and give me some feedback/suggestion/advice, I posted the link below. :)

ROAD-home - my flash project


  1. Good luck on your journey to learning about Flash! It is fairly easy as long as you keep in mind the basics first. I've learned about it way back in my College days.

    Try to download popular ebooks about it, or go to YouTube, there are a lot of helpful channels out there. Best of luck!

    BTW, the embedded swf doesn't show here but it shows in the link you provided :)